Japanese Inspired Haiku

sparrows squawk
rain streams through
eaves and soffit

cool wind
as summer fades
I go to swim

rabbit eyes
lit up by my

flying from somewhere
to somewhere

first snow
time to replace
my worn chair

suddenly I’m home
in Georgia

spring stroll
puffy clouds fill
my shoe tops

finches sing
among the cherry blossoms
I’m happy too

mystery novel
the stone cold killer
falls from my hand

no haiku
today is filled with
tulips and daffodils

heading home
a wasp and my wife
each sting me

a tear blurs
a darkness in
my dog’s eyes

bitten badly
by another dog
her tail wags

a sigh
deep in the woods

as other leaves fly
tree to tree

mountain range
hills and valleys
wave after wave

tiny row boat
when the lake thaws
we’ll fish again

ebb tide
the same smell
I left behind

still water
under a windless sky
a frog pauses

where tulips
littered the ground

weed carefully
the ants are busy
tending peonies

summer ale
a bee perched
inside a rose

cherry blossoms
litter the ground
like confetti

new snow
too light to bend
the crocus

Washington, D.C.
the cherries blossom
as they will

cherry blossoms
pale pink clouds fill
the crisp blue sky

waking –
only now do my dreams
fall to sleep

spring moon
far too bright
to skip stones

Autumn comes
tomorrow we’ll go
shop for sweaters

move like penguins
layered in clothes

lawn mowing
nearby flower beds

a bird
puts a song in the sky
then its gone

heavy rains
each lightning flash
makes me feel older

church bells
sparrows shriek within
their ivy walls

heavy rain
not one blade of grass
remains untouched

how little they care
about the moon

under trees
outside the cemetery
dried cicada husks

how dirty
the screened porch became
left to the snow

see, daughter
even the lotus blossom
has it’s feet in mud

cold night
the ivy taps the window
as if to get in

between pitches
the smell of hotdogs
and beer

the final out
then the game begins
leaving the parking lot

season after season
the river moves on

how strange
to be warmed
by mountain snow

early morning
the wind brings me
the smell of pine

my dream surrenders
to hyacinth

an aimless path
through the garden
made by rain

afternoon fun
butterflies and children
close behind

a fat squirrel
pauses as a puppy
chases its tail

a red tail hawk
circles very slowly
over the roses

a mockingbird’s song
and cherry blossoms
fall from above

All haiku by Richard T. MacDonald

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