Japanese Inspired Tanka – Page Two

All Poems by Richard T. MacDonald

summer moon
the stars have vanished
all alone
I touch your empty seat
and whisper to myself

lock up on TV
belly to belly
as you kiss me

ghost stories
used to scare you
and yet
you are out on your own
me in my now empty home

blue jay
why do you squawk
it is me she loves
so get over it

fresh and damp
out of the shower
scented shampoo
honeysuckle memories
me making love to you

thick cut
apples don’t replace
the sweetness
that lingers
after your kiss

drifts from the radio
soft rhythms
beneath the sheets
and above

the pain
anorexia brought us
all night
I’d sit cutting food
thick sliced with love

the ocean
holds me a prisoner
against you, captured
by your sea green eyes

behind the scarecrow
you emerged
the tricksters were gone
and I was treated to you

we stand were many
and yet when you took my hand
I have never felt more alive

10 years later
in bed
covering our bodies with
whipped cream and peaches

Sweet Melissa
blares from the radio
love making
the Allman brothers
and a tasty peach

I miss you
so I stand in the kitchen
by the switch
turning the light off and on
imagining you coming home

a wild life
filled with women
and wine
until you and your laugh
made me kiss them good-bye

a shadow
of a woman I fancy
is in love
draws me closer to home
as I imagine it yours

making love
under the moon
a cloud
arrives as if to cover
heavens glorious eye

violet and gold
on a hill
against the white fence
a rusted red wheel barrow

cool evening
a white moth shivers
to come in
and feel the comfort
of your soft warm skin

a garden snake
slithers quiet in the bushes
like I used to do
just to gaze at you

plotted by the stars
their course
but all I need to hurry home
is a single thought of you.

a kaleidoscopic rainbow
and paints a portrait of you
bright colors for every mood

All poems by Richard T. MacDonald


    1. I am Richard T. MacDonald and I used to contribute on the Matsuyama University Mailing List from its inception to its closure by the university. I used to put up Haiku, Tanka, essays and other related information/forms. I periodically receive stuff from a yahoo based haiku bulletin board that has little in the way of activity that was started by a Matsuyama contest winner named Andrea.

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