Serving/Thanking Our Troops

Veteran’s Today Military & Foreign Affairs Journal, reports on 29 military charities and only 6 scored an A or A+ during a recent review by the Philanthropy Institute on how these “charities” handle and spend their donations on the causes they represent compared to other areas of spending. The Armed Services YMCA of the USA received an A-.

Air Force Aid Society (A+) Score

Army Emergency Relief (A+) Score

Fisher House Foundation A+ Score

Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund (A+) Score

Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society (A+)

National Military Family Association (A) Score

Armed Services YMCA of the USA (A-)

Air Force Aid Society (A+)
Armed Services YMCA of the USA (A-)
Army Emergency Relief (A+)
Fisher House Foundation (A+)
Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund (A+)
National Military Family Association (A)
Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society (A+)
Pat Tillman Foundation (A+)


Eight of the charities gave less than a third of the money raised for their causes; well below what is expected and what is the standard for effective and efficient charities.

One group passed along $0.01 of every dollar raised.

Another group paid its founder and wife a combined $540,00 in compensation and benefits last year alone based on an analysis of tax records alone by the Washington Post.

Still another group reported income of $71.3 million and spend only about 33% on actual charitable work for the benefit of the veterans it was supposed to be serving.

Here is an alphabetical list for you to review and hopefully, future donations will be redirected by donors to organizations like the Fischer House where 90% or more of the donations go toward the Veterans and their families.

Groups to Avoid Making Donations To:

American Ex-Prisoners of War Service Foundation (F)
American Veterans Coalition (F)
American Veterans Relief Foundation (F)
AMVETS National Service Foundation (F)
Blinded Veterans Association (D)
Disabled American Veterans (D)
Disabled Veterans Association (F)
Freedom Alliance (F)
Help Hospitalized Veterans/Coalition to Salute America’s Heroes (F)
Military Order of the Purple Heart Service Foundation (F)
National Veterans Services Fund (F)
National Vietnam Veterans Committee (D)
NCOA National Defense Foundation (F)
Paralyzed Veterans of America (F)
Soldiers’ Angels (D)
United Spinal Association’s Wounded Warrior Project (D)
USO (United Service Organization) (C+)
Veterans of Foreign Wars and Foundation (C-)
Veterans of the Vietnam War & the Veterans Coalition (D)
Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund (D)
VietNow National Headquarters (F)
World War II Veterans Committee (D)


For those who regularly donate or who want their donations to do the most good; you now have a great idea where not to send your money and excellent choices to consider that have a long reputation of service to our troops and their families. Don’t stop donating; just be wiser about where you send your hard earned funds to ensure they are getting the best use for those who truly have a great need and who have earned the right to ask for help.

Thank you to all who’ve contributed regardless of organization. These brave men, women and families can’t be given enough assistance as they sacrifice for the 99% of us living in relative comfort at home.


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