My Essential Books

My Essential Bookshelf

Atlas Shrugged – Ayn Rand

Why Businessmen Need Philosophy: The Capitalist’s Guide to the Ideas of Ayn Rand – Debbie Ghate

Philosophy, Who Needs It – Ayn Rand

Viable Values, A Study of Life as the Root and Reward of Morality – Tara Smith

Why America Must Not Follow Europe [Encounter Broadsides] – Daniel Hannan

Self-Help, Conduct and Perseverance – Samuel Smiles

Thrift – Samuel Smiles

Character – Samuel Smiles

Liberty Versus the Tyranny of Socialism, Controversial Essays – Walter E. Williams

Capitalism and Freedom – Milton Friedman

The Theory of Money and Credit, Ludwig Von Mises

Basic Economics, A Common Sense Guide to the Economy – Thomas Sowell

The Thomas Sowell Reader – Thomas Sowell

Intellectuals and Society – Thomas Sowell

Economic Facts and Fallacies – Thomas Sowell

A Conflict of Vision, Ideological Origins of Political Struggle – Thomas Sowell

Ever Wonder Why and Other Controversial Essays – Thomas Sowell

Objective Economics, How Ayn Rand’s Philosophy Changes Everything About Economics – M. Northrup Buechner

The Economics of Freedom, What Your Professors Won’t Tell You – Frederic Bastiat, Clark Ruper, Tom Palmer

The Road to Serfdom, Text and Documents, The Definitive Edition – F. A. Hayek, Bruce Campbell

The New Road to Serfdom – Daniel Hannan

The Forgotten Man – Amity Schlaes

Democracy in America – Alexis De Tocqueville, Translated by Henry Reeve

Works of John Locke Including Two Treatises of Government, An Essay Concerning Human Understanding and More – John Locke

The Federalist Papers, James Madison

Other Favorites:

Jonathan Livingston Seagull – Richard Bach

The Denial of Death – Professor Ernest Becker

The Next Wave: On the Hunt for Al Qaeda’s American Recruits – Catherine Herridge

Winning the Unwinnable War: America’s Self-Crippled Response to Islamic Fundamentalism – Elan Journo, Alex Epstein, Yaron Brook

The Death of Ivan Ilyich – Leo Tolstoy

Shut Up, America! The End of Free Speech – Brad O’Leary

Individualism Old and New (Great Books in Philosophy) – John Dewey, Robert M. Bard, Stuart E. Rosenbaum

Who is John Galt: Today’s Heroic Innovators Building the World and the Villainous Parasites Destroying It – Donald Luskin, Andrew Greta

The God of the Machine – Isabel Paterson

Individual Rights and Government Wrongs – Brian Phillips

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