Campaign of Misinformation? By Rick Sobey,

Below is the lede to a nice comprehensive overview or Billerica’s political cult leader by the Lowell Sun all residents need to review. I’ve talked about all of the issues discussed in this article in the past, but it is refreshing to hear it from a second source; especially, when that source is a respected newspaper written by a well respected journalist. I hope you all get the same refreshing feeling I got when I read it. The truth is like a breath of fresh air.


BILLERICA — Selectman George Simolaris drives around town in his work van, shooting videos of a future solar farm, a bee farm and other areas.

The selectman — who has frustrated colleagues, fought officials to “save the town center,” and illegally painted town crosswalks — maintains that he’s simply shining light on issues with the videos, while the four other selectmen say he’s creating hysteria.

At the same time, Simolaris is running for state representative, which has his opponent calling these videos “publicity stunts.”

Click on the link in the introductory paragraph to read the full story by Mr. Sobey on line at the source website.

"Campaign of Misinformation? By Rick Sobey,", 5 out of 5 based on 4 ratings.
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