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May 10, 2013 by Sam Rolley 

Young Americans have had a pretty tough time getting a start in life since the economy tanked in 2009. And according to a new poll, the bad economy and government’s inability to do anything to assuage the pain has led a majority of younger Americans to question the value of big government.

A poll recently conducted by the Young America’s Foundation  found 61 percent of college-age students believe the government has no business being a part of their day-to-day lives.

The poll also indicates:

50 percent of young Americans think government is hurting economic recovery.

42 percent in the demographic see the Federal government as an obstacle to achieving the American dream.

58 percent believe elected officials should focus on decreasing taxes.

38 percent believe government should cut back on regulation.

76 percent would like to see decreases Federal spending.

51 Percent believe the overall size of government should be decreased.

A majority of young Americans (66 percent) hold entrepreneurship in high regard, and 44 percent believe that the market ought to be freed from government meddling.

Many of the majority opinions recorded in the poll run contrary to the collectivist beliefs held by President Barack Obama, who took office in a sweeping victory thanks to younger Americans in 2008 and with more marginal support last year.

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So much for the concept or belief in individuals evolving into better, more responsible and thoughtful, law abiding people. I suppose this is why some species have to force their young from the mother’s teat and into the world to live, no matter how reluctantly, the life they were given on their own terms and accept the consequences of their own decisions.

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