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I’d like to introduce you to the conclusion of a very well and brief summation of two President’s performance in office. One is a member of the Republican Party and the other, a member of the Democrat Party.

Although, their politics are nowhere close to each other, the way they practiced them and the hubris that guided them have come to make this comparison frighteningly familiar when it comes to the tests and strains they have put on the U.S. Constitution by their elastic reluctance to work through issues that they personally deem to be not important, as if pulling bricks from a foundation to a building would not have negative effects on the reliability and preservation of the building they were helping to support.

I invite you to read the full article and consider the facts as they are presented in light of your own knowledge and political morality and ethics within the spectrum of United States history.

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“…We’ve had some great Presidents in the history of this great Nation. Even the greatest among them was flawed in some way. But they achieved greatness by remembering their true duty was to honor the people and the Constitution that make this Nation great. And just as Nixon’s personal demons clouded his political judgment, Obama’s ego has clearly clouded his.”

–Ben Crystal

via What The President Knows : Personal Liberty Digest™.

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