George Simolaris for Selectman Fundraiser | Cosmo Cavicchio

To my knowledge, this is the first volley in the impending Billerica, MA Selectmen race by an outsider running for one of two incumbent seats.

Received via e-mail:

Hello Everyone,

If you have the time please join us this Friday, February 15th from 6 to 9pm at the VFW Hall, Phinney St, Billerica at a fundraiser for George Simolaris.

George is running for selectman in the Billerica Town Election on Saturday, April 6th.

Most of us know George with his trumpet and Puggy Dog but he also has a serious side to him which few people know. You will be impressed!

Hope to see you then for a show of support for George.




  1. We need a change on the board of selectman. George has my vote. Billerica voters we need to clean house on a least three selectmans seats.

    1. Change for the sake of change, or does Mr. Simolaris have a unique management skill set that heretofore has been hidden?

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