Commander-In-Chief Obama and His Disrespect For The Men and Women of the U.S. Military

As President of the United States, President Obama has been feeling quite generous with taxpayer money. He’s made massive losing investments in the housing market, the automobile industry, the banking industry, the green energy industry and many others. President Obama is also trying to be generous to federal workers serving in government jobs.

His latest proposal is to end the pay freeze on all federal workers as part of the budget he’s submitting. Granted, it is a modest raise proposal of only 0.5 percent, but estimating that the average federal worker earns $50,000.00 per year, the new raise, if approved, will amount to about $800,000,000.00 just for fiscal year 2013. This is intended as a make up for the 2 year spending freeze that he announced in November 2010.

From the New York Times:

‘”The hard truth is that getting this deficit under control is going to require some broad sacrifice, and that sacrifice must be shared by employees of the federal government,” Mr. Obama told reporters. He called federal workers “patriots who love their country” but added, “I’m asking civil servants to do what they’ve always done” for the nation.’

At the time of his pay freeze announcement, he stated that the freeze would save taxpayers $28,000,000,000.00 (billion) over five years and $60,000,000,000.00 We must be doing much better than we were when he announced the necessity of the pay freeze and the need for all Americans to sacrifice, including those who work for the federal government.

What confused me is this. The move was originally stated as the Presidents desire to have all Americans share the sacrifice of our economic failures. While this debate was ongoing, we had men and women serving in harms’ way either in direct combat or in support of combat missions and troops. These brave women were not only facing extreme danger, but they were sacrificing precious time away from home for 18 months or more at a time. Some members were even held beyond the expiration of their enlistment contract for the “needs of the nation”, and forced to remain in harms’ way and away from their families even longer.

Certainly, these men and women were doing their part in-so-far as sacrifice goes. They were out serving their country around the clock, giving 100% effort and setting their personal concerns aside in order to properly focus on the mission and winning the war conducted under the authority of the Commander-In-Chief. They didn’t complain that the war had never been approved by Congress and that it was, in effect, an illegal war. They didn’t run to lawyers to get out of their contracts or to union representatives for a “better deal”. They did their duty and they performed magnificently and without hesitation.

So, why is the President pushing for a civilian pay raise only two years into a freeze that was projected outward for as many as ten years of savings? Why did he earlier push to increase Tricare copayments and cost sharing for military personnel both on active duty and retired; many with service connected disabilities? Why did he propose that the Veterans Administration bill veteran’s health insurance for the cost to the VA for treating service connected disabilities?

David W. Gorman, executive director of Disabled American Veterans stated his opposition to the proposal thusly:

“Everybody was opposed to the idea for a lot of reasons,” said Gorman. “The fundamental one was that the foreign policy of the United States sent us war. These are the disabilities we’ve incurred. It’s the federal government’s moral and legal obligation to take care of them, not Blue Cross and Blue Shield.”

Now the Commander-In-Chief is about to allow Imminent Danger Pay to be reduced and prorated for actual involvement in acts of imminent danger as opposed to the monthly stipend traditionally given to compensate service personnel for the additional risks associated with combat; something that their civilian counterparts are never asked to do. He is allowing this action to go ahead in order to save money and to get even more sacrifice out of our warriors.

He is doing so at the same time he is requesting an end to all sacrifices currently experienced by safely seated, more comfortable, get to go home to their families every night and eat home cooked meals while drawing a salary above that of the private sector, federal government civilian workers. He forgets, apparently, that the troops from whom he demands loyalty, service and continued sacrifice of their lives and overall mental and physical well-being in an undeclared war are still being paid well below the private sector even with 10 consecutive years of pay raises to reduce that gap.

From Stars and Stripes:

“The administration will seek a 2.9 military pay raise for next January, enough to match wage growth in the private sector. If Congress agrees to the raise, it will end at 10 a string of annual raises set at least a half percent above private sector wage growth. Personnel chiefs for the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps told a House hearing that 2.9 percent is big enough.

Retired Navy Vice Adm. Norb Ryan, Jr., president of the Military Officers Association of America, disagrees. He said Monday that the string of bigger raises for the military should continue for five or six more years until a pay gap with the private sector, estimated at 2.9 percent, is fully closed.

“With the 6th anniversary of the Iraq invasion, with uniformed leaders saying we’ve got another decade of persistent conflict ahead of us, why would you abandon such a successful, responsible, measured way of going after a goal [of pay comparability] and stop on the 20-yard line,” Ryan said.”

With all of this laid out, I can only come to one conclusion. President Obama is a despicable human being, a terrible leader, and a man who does not deserve the respect that comes with the office of the Presidency. He is a cancer on America’s future evolution as a symbol of global leadership, liberty and justice and the sooner he is out of office the better off the nation will be.

If you have even the smallest degree of respect for the sacrifices made by our sons, daughter, brothers, sisters, uncles and aunts in uniform; please vote this bastard out no matter who the opposition is.

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