Prominent Online Daily News Sources Across America

Since the invention of the printing press, people have long turned to printed publications to learn about news of their region as well as other places. In the United States, many major newspapers were founded in the 1800s. While they may have started out modestly, today they are mainstream, award-winning publications. The resources below outline some of the most prominent newspapers across the U.S.

  • Anchorage Daily News – The ADN is the main daily that serves all of Alaska.
  • Arizona Republic – Arizona’s daily paper was started in 2000.
  • Atlanta Journal-Constitution – The AJC is Atlanta, Georgia’s sole daily newspaper.
  • Austin American-Statesman – The Statesman focuses on news pertaining to central Texas.
  • Baltimore Sun – The largest daily in Maryland covers local as well as regional news.
  • Boston Globe – Owned by the New York Times, the Boston Globe is circulated nationally and boasts twenty-one Pulitzer Prizes.
  • Boston Herald – Another daily from Boston has garnered numerous Pulitzer Prizes for writing as well as photography.
  • Buffalo News – The Buffalo News mainly serves the Buffalo and Niagara Falls regions.
  • Charlotte Observer – North and South Carolina’s largest paper was first published in 1886.
  • Chicago Sun-Times – The Chicago Sun-Times, a renowned daily, was started in 1844.
  • Chicago Tribune – This is a major daily Chicago paper, started in 1847.
  • Christian Science Monitor – The CSM has daily online editions and a weekly print edition.
  • Cincinnati Enquirer – The Cincinnati Enquirer circulates throughout Ohio and the north of Kentucky.
  • Cincinnati Post – The Post also goes by the name The Kentucky Post in northern Kentucky.
  • Cleveland Plain Dealer – The Plain Dealer is Ohio’s major daily paper.
  • Columbus Dispatch – Starting in 1871, this daily newspaper has long served the Ohio area.
  • Dallas Morning News – This award-winning paper has one of the highest paid circulations nationally.
  • Denver Post – The Post has been published daily since 1892.
  • Des Moines Register – This morning daily is circulated throughout Iowa.
  • Detroit Free Press – The Free Press has won several Pulitzer Prizes as well as Emmy Awards.
  • Detroit News – During its lifetime, the Detroit News took over the failing Detroit Tribune, Detroit Journal, and Detroit Times.
  • El Paso Times – Originally published as a weekly paper, the Times was printed daily by 1882.
  • Florida Times-Union – This paper is known as Florida’s oldest newspaper.
  • Fort Worth Star-Telegram – The Star-Telegram circulates through the north-west area of Texas.
  • Grand Rapids Press – This Michigan newspaper is published thrice weekly.
  • Houston Chronicle – Texas’ daily paper ranks ninth among the highest circulated U.S. newspapers.
  • Houston Press – Houston’s free alternative newspaper is published weekly.
  • Indianapolis Star – The Star was awarded two Pulitzer Prizes for their investigative reporting.
  • Kansas City Star – This newspaper has featured several notable writers, including Ernest Hemingway.
  • Las Vegas Sun – The paper’s current publisher was also Bill Clinton’s roommate in college!
  • Los Angeles Daily News – The Daily News is the second most highly circulated paper in LA.
  • Los Angeles Times – The Times ranked second among all U.S. metropolitan papers in 2008.
  • Miami Herald – The Herald is Florida’s largest daily newspaper.
  • Milwaukee Journal Sentinel – This is the main newspaper in Milwaukee and is also circulated throughout Wisconsin.
  • Minneapolis Star-Tribune – Known as the Star Trib, this paper is circulated throughout Minnesota.
  • New York Daily News – This paper was the first in the U.S. to be published in tabloid format.
  • New York NewsdayNewsday is circulated throughout New York and is the highest ranking suburban paper.
  • New York Post – The Post is a daily tabloid and one of the oldest in the U.S.
  • New York Times – Renowned worldwide, the Times has won a whopping one hundred and six Pulitzer Prizes to date!
  • Orange County Register – The Register is generally known for its liberal leanings.
  • Orlando Sentinel – Orlando’s main daily was first published in 1876.
  • Philadelphia Inquirer – The Inquirer is third among the oldest U.S. dailies that are still in print.
  • Pittsburgh Post-Gazette – Colloquially called the PG, this paper is circulated throughout Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
  • Portland Oregonian – The Oregonian is the west coast’s oldest surviving paper.
  • Providence Journal-Bulletin – Rhode Island’s largest paper was launched in 1829.
  • Sacramento Bee – The Bee is among California’s largest newspapers.
  • Salt Lake Tribune – Salt Lake City’s highest circulated paper started in 1871.
  • San Diego Union-Tribune – Since January 2012, this paper was renamed U-T San Diego.
  • San Francisco Chronicle – This major daily was started by two teenagers with just $20 in 1865!
  • San Francisco Examiner – Unlike many other major dailies, the Examiner is free to readers.
  • San Jose Mercury News – San Francisco’s leading paper is also free.
  • Seattle Post-Intelligencer – The P-I is currently published exclusively online.
  • Seattle Times – This is currently the only large daily printed paper in Seattle.
  • St. Petersburg Times – This Tampa Bay publication is now known as the Tampa Bay Times.
  • Tampa Tribune – The Tribune is Tampa Bay’s second major daily paper.
  • USA Today – This paper is distributed nationally as well as in Canada and the UK.
  • Village Voice – New York’s alternative weekly focuses heavily on locals arts and culture.
  • Wall Street Journal – Published by Dow Jones, this paper covers economic and financial news.
  • Washington Post – The distinguished Post has received forty-seven Pulitzer Prizes in its lifetime.
  • Washington Times – Although it is a major daily, the Washington Times was only started in 1982.

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